Vinyl Collection (4)(5)(6)(7) Warranty

Residential Warranty FSG-WO-200918171N-01-SG

20 Year Residential Wear-Out Warranty

Floorscape Global (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’), hereby guarantees that in the event of the Collection 3,4,5,6,7 flooring supplied under this agreement, requiring replacement due to ‘wear-out’ from proper use, normal floor traffic within 20 years from the date of purchase, the floor will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar material free of charge. ‘Wear-out’ means the removal of the pattern and colour from the Floorscape Collection floor caused by the removal of the protective wear layer.

In addition we will warrant the floors’ click mechanism for 1 years against gapping when correctly installed. Gapping is defined as a gap bigger than the thickness of a typical credit card (approx. 1.2mm).
The Product Warranty does not affect or replace the buyer’s statutory entitlements covering manufacturing defects.

The floor must have been installed by our installers and claims must be submitted with the original Invoice issued.

This Warranty is Conditional on the Following:

  1. That the floor has been installed in accordance with the recommendations contained within the Collection 3,4,5,6,7 Residential Installation guidelines. This includes, but is not restricted to the following requirements:
    • The minimum recommended expansion gap must have been allowed around all fixed items including walls and pipework, and must not have been infilled or used for locating cabling etc
    • The completed floor must be fully floating. This requires that:
      • –  No items have been permanently fixed either to, or through, the flooring
      • –  No flooring have been permanently bonded to the subfloor using adhesive, tape or other means
    • No adulteration of the tiles has been carried out to aid installation, including the use of excessive force or localized trimming or modification of the tongue and groove
    • No inappropriate maintenance has been used including the use of steam cleaners
  2. That the floor is used domestically and has been regularly maintained, using approved products, following current guidelines.
  3. That precautions have been taken to prevent indentation from heavy point loading (e.g. furniture) and excess surface scratching.
  4. The floor being warranted is the original installation, i.e. if the floor has been re-laid either in the original location or a different location the warranty is void.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Damage caused by stains and spillages, burns, indentation, floods and other accidents. This includes damage from asphalt, battery acid, bleach or similar corrosives
  • Improper care due to the use of incorrect maintenance products, as well as any reduction in surface gloss due to normal wear and tear
  • Scratching and scuff marks
  • Damage caused by objects being dropped or dragged across the floor
  • Flooring problems caused by improper installation including the incorrect use of subfloor preparation materials and underlay. Also damage caused by the presence of moisture, alkaline substances or fluid pressure from the subfloor over which the floor is laid
  • Use of the floor in any outdoor/outside/external location
  • Damage to the product, including the click mechanism, caused as a result of poor subfloor preparation, installation or an uneven subfloor, and or water leakage
  • If the floor is laid in an area with large temperature fluctuations or excessive direct heat, such as conservatories
  • Damage or fading caused by exposure to sunlight or excessive heat

NOTE: Avoid the use of rubber or latex backed mats, as some types can cause permanent floor discolouration.

Important Information

Please follow the maintenance and cleaning instructions carefully. Full details are available on our website (www.floorscape.sg).

This warranty is the only guarantee given to the user by the company and does not warrant the flooring to be fit for a particular purpose or use. It is the responsibility of the user or user’s agents to ensure that the flooring is suitable for purpose.

Samples distributed prior to the selection and installation of the floor may be from varying batches. Decoration and shading may vary from the final material used in the installation.

Using and Maintaining your Warranty

In the unlikely event of any claim under this warranty, please write to us at hello@floorscape.sg, or call +65 6698 5972 with photographic evidence. If examination shows that the floor has been installed and maintained as specified, the company will repair or replace the flooring with the same or similar material free of charge.